Sunday, 14 February 2016

the valentine letter

i didn't tell them about you
but they saw you bathing in my eyes
i didn't tell them about you
but they saw you in my written words
the perfume of love cannot be concealed

~~ Qabbani ~~

Today is a very special and pious day and today i want you to know that i love you so much.

I always feel living very close to you surrounded by the shadow of your spirit, submerged in the ocean of your affection.
We are living separately,it pains me a bit to think that you are far but i feel happy for you are now a part of me and you exist in me.
Love is a great treasure,it is the Gods greatest gift and i am thankful to Him to have bestowed your love upon me and gifted me with the greatest treasure that no riches in the world can buy.
In every man's life there is a girl who appears to him suddenly in the spring of his life and transforms his solitude into happy moments and fills the silence of his night with music,am glad to have found that girl in you.
My life was a coma !!! Empty life that of Adam's in paradise when i found you standing before me like a column of light.
You are the Eve of my life who has filled my life with colours and wonders and made me understand the meaning of life.
Adam led Eve out of paradise by her own will while you made me enter into the paradise of pure love and virtue by your sweetness and love.
Every one calls me a poet but it is you who has sung me the poetry of real life and awakened my spirit and led me into the garden of affections where days pass like dreams and nights like weddings.
You are now my moon, my star, my world, my everything, everything gravitates me towards you, everything starts and stops at you,
I had heard of great love, i guess this is how great love germinates and silently grows in this little heart of ours.
Love like ours, it's embers burning forever and ever.

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