Saturday, 14 May 2016

a mother's heart

Once upon a time a man lured an ignorant boy with his money to get his desire , he said , bring me your mother's heart boy and you shall have jewels and diamonds and pearls. So he went to his mother and thrust a dagger into her chest , got the heart out and went back from the way he came.
But he was in such a rush that he fell down so that the grovelled heart trundled on the ground.
At that point the mother's heart called for him ' My son! my beloved! are you hurt ?? '
This voice despite it's tenderness was the heaven's torrential anger upon the boy. Then he retreated to the heart to wash it with the water that his eyes poured out, telling his mother's heart  ' O heart avenge me and never forgive me for my crime was unforgivable '
Then he took out a dagger to stick to his own chest and remain an example to those who can see .
At that point the mother's heart called for him ' O son ! stop !! don't strike my heart two times in a row '

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

winters at it's fag end :(

Winter is at it's fag end ,there is still sadness everywhere,the trees stand naked, dis robed of their leaves and the earth littered with the sadness of yellow leaves.
It's early morning, the horizon is clothed in the garment of white, the first rays of sun pierce the wide blue sky planting kisses on the blushing hilltops,the sky stuffed with white cottoned clouds,drifting lazily on the ether of the azure,a flock of birds racing against the icy winds.
The water pipe runs dry,the landscape is dry and a thick blanket of arid envelopes the whole sky.
And everything is cold and frozen, the countless streams, the rivulets,the water in the bucket,yesterday's left over tea and may be my smile too.
Battling winters the dogs have forgotten how to bark,cuddled in one corner,they beg for the sun to shine as once again they prepare themselves for the cold and gory day.
The teeming coffee shops,the jam packed restaurants,the market bustling with activity,women selling vegetables,the din and the chaos of the market,everything has disappeared, closed shops greet you everywhere, a chilling quiet hounds the atmosphere,a grave silence echoing everywhere.
And it gets dark too soon here and nights are damn long ,waiting for dawn is that never ending wait for your lover,the clock ticks lazily and loudly, sounding like the gong of a monastery, shattering the silent vow lady night has taken.
It's around this time the night sky is the clearest, stars sprinkled across the canvas of black, exploding brilliantly into million Roman candles of rich yellow, orange and red, the powerful night sky quietly  adding brushstrokes to a Van Gogh's painting, the moon bathing in milk and ' silence ' polishing the night ring by ring.
Yes !! winter is at it's fag end here but i always carry a winter in my heart

: This write is about the fag end of winters in Ladakh

Sunday, 14 February 2016

the valentine letter

i didn't tell them about you
but they saw you bathing in my eyes
i didn't tell them about you
but they saw you in my written words
the perfume of love cannot be concealed

~~ Qabbani ~~

Today is a very special and pious day and today i want you to know that i love you so much.

I always feel living very close to you surrounded by the shadow of your spirit, submerged in the ocean of your affection.
We are living separately,it pains me a bit to think that you are far but i feel happy for you are now a part of me and you exist in me.
Love is a great treasure,it is the Gods greatest gift and i am thankful to Him to have bestowed your love upon me and gifted me with the greatest treasure that no riches in the world can buy.
In every man's life there is a girl who appears to him suddenly in the spring of his life and transforms his solitude into happy moments and fills the silence of his night with music,am glad to have found that girl in you.
My life was a coma !!! Empty life that of Adam's in paradise when i found you standing before me like a column of light.
You are the Eve of my life who has filled my life with colours and wonders and made me understand the meaning of life.
Adam led Eve out of paradise by her own will while you made me enter into the paradise of pure love and virtue by your sweetness and love.
Every one calls me a poet but it is you who has sung me the poetry of real life and awakened my spirit and led me into the garden of affections where days pass like dreams and nights like weddings.
You are now my moon, my star, my world, my everything, everything gravitates me towards you, everything starts and stops at you,
I had heard of great love, i guess this is how great love germinates and silently grows in this little heart of ours.
Love like ours, it's embers burning forever and ever.

Friday, 24 October 2014

..so its a new morning..

..so its a new morning..i can hear the birds chirping..still having hangover from yesterdays party..now every break up seems like a party..they say love is life..but for me love has always been chimeric..for me friends have been life..and friendship..a madness..have always loved their company..we all know of the story of the moth and the flame..and the fate moth meets..the same is my story..the vicious cycle goes on..
...so its a new morning..yesterday i have buried in the cacophony of Sean Paul's song..gyrating myself out of a hopeless story..i was chasing a mirage..chasing a shadow..they say love is strange..it is really strange..strange is life..
...so its a new morning..and i used to talk to her..for hours..listening to her laughs..her jokes..a friendship soon boiled into love..a beautiful feeling..that was indeed love..i felt it..umpteen times..they say love just happens..you never know and by the time you realize you are already deep into it..it does not need reason..
..so its a new morning..one more page adds to my book of defeat.. i am again lamenting a broken song..one more dream gone wrong..
.so its a new morning..life is not rosy..life is not moon,stars and daffodils..it is not a riverdale story..life is brutally dark..life is ugly..life is Bukowskian..and now i am loving this darkness..
..so its a new morning..i feel like a stupid..i laugh at my yesterdays..for i was looking for a truth that never existed..
..so its a new morning..and as i write these last lines..a butterfly lands on this page..nothing more to say..