Saturday, 22 March 2014

the shepherd

..being a shepherd..the most holy of all the professions..

While on the way to Tsomoriri Lake in Ladakh last summers,we came across this herd of sheep and goats.Tried wearing the shoes of a shepherd,even if it was only for some moments.The experience was ethereal,calm and peaceful.Loved being a part of this wilderness. :)

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

the wild flower

..the wild flower knows how to survive the extremes..it is a great source of inspiration..mould yourself into a wild flower..this world is full of pain..

Monday, 10 March 2014

..the cute kid.. :)

I 'd give all wealth that years have  piled
the slow result of life's decay
to be once more a little child
for one bright summer day
--Lewis Carroll

childhood is the best stage in a person's life
aloof from the world, a child remains lost in his own wonderland , always into naughty adventures
give him a packet of chocolates,maggie or some toffees , he is the happiest person on this earth , the world becomes his oyster, he feels like the king of the world and the sultan of all the kingdoms
he is in his own wonderland, miles miles away from the harsh realities of life
i came across this cute kid in changthang, Ladakh last summers, he reminded me of my childhood
the days when i used to wander around with a running nose
the days when i used to be a naughty kid, always into little mischief of my own
the days when my grandmother and my grandfather used to be my only best friends
the days when chacha chowdhary, billoo, phantom, nagraj and pinky comics used to be my staple food
the days when Enid Blyton , Malory Towers and St.Clare's series was my version of literature
the days when i battled the Waterloo in me on the play fields of Eton
the days when the bright summer in me masked forever the winter of my world
the days when i wore forever a wicked smile
the days when the child in me was father to a man :)